Vocalist, Lily Taylor was born in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts. Her BA is in Performance and Composition of Contemporary Music from College of Santa Fe in NM (2004). After many years working as a professional musician, arts administrator, and private teacher in Santa Fe and San Francisco, Taylor released her critically acclaimed solo album, The Ride in 2014 on Dallas, Texas label, Pour le Corps; she performs and tours regularly in multiple acts. In addition, Taylor hosts small concert events focused on the development of avant garde music in Texas. She continues to teach private voice lessons, hosts a radio show on 92.9FM KUZU LP in Denton, Texas called BandWidthTX, as well as working with the community non-profit, Top Ten Records, Dallas' oldest record store.

Taylor locks harmony and tours nationally with San Francisco’s darling, Karina Denike and her band. She has collaborated with dancers, performance artists, musicians, poets, fashion designers, and artists around the Bay Area and the state of Texas- exploring the art of Drag, dive rock clubs, vintage jazz halls, SoMA theaters, parlors, galleries, and underground venues of San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; Providence, RI; Cambridge, MA; New York, NY; Denton, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and Dallas, TX. Other projects include: experimental and noise acts: Victoria Spolia, Ulnae, Locations, and XIOIX ; Hip Hop collaborations with Juicy The Emissary, Joey Mousepad; Jazz collaboration with Daniel Fabricant, The Cottontails with Karina Denike, Drizzoletto and Octomutt; electronic music collaborations with Brian Mayhall, Wanz Dover, Gil Trythall, Black Taffy. Currently collaborating with husband and video artist, Sean Patrick Miller in Locations, and recording solo material.

Angelic and visceral vocal-driven avant pop
—  Katie Capri Impose Magazine Brooklyn, New York
Taylor’s extremely diverse background informs her artistic voice without overtaking the singular vision explored on [her album] The Ride. She has studied contemporary, Western classical, jazz, funk, R&B, West African and Middle Eastern/Balkan music at College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. Over the last decade she has performed with experimental rock bands, Americana, Turkish and Classical ensembles, noise shows, indie-pop bands, jazz bands, DJs and hip hop crews. With such a diverse background, Taylor is capable of whatever she puts her mind to. That makes the striking originality of her album all the more special. The Ride is currently available in digital format, vinyl and cassette tape.
— Wanz Dover, Dallas Observer