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  1. Moria

    Hi, I just wanted to tell you I so loved your rendition of the Hwy. 61 piece – very awesome. I’m addicted to it. I had to listen to Dylan’s version and I like yours best. I never even heard his version. I’ll check out some of your other music.
    All the best to you, Moria

  2. Amy Lopez

    Saw your show at The Kessler last night. It was mesmerizing, like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I loved it. You rock!

    I would love to see you showcased in the next Aurora Dallas light and sound art installation.

    And thanks for shushing the couple sitting next to me. They were loud and rude.

    Hope to see you again around town.

    Amy Lopez

  3. admin

    Thanks so much for reaching out! My husband, Sean Miller, who was doing the live video accompaniment has been featured in the last two Aurora festivals, but I’ve not taken part. Here is his website: . I post about upcoming shows on my website, and on Twitter/ FB, and I send out a newsletter about once a month with listings. Not all of my shows are presented with Sean, and we can never get promoters to list his name on flyers, so keep an eye out for my posts about “LT with visual accompaniment by Sean Miller”. Those are the ones with video. 🙂 Thanks again, LT //

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