The Ride full album release by Pour le Corps Records on vinyl and cassette tape, both including digital download

>Across the Hills premiere on Tiny Mix Tapes music blog,  Static + Distance music blog, and Austin Town Hall music blog

>Apples and Cinnamon premiere on Impose Magazine, Traffic Beat

Review on Pop Matters, Innocent Words Magazine and Records, Lone Star Sounds(

aQuarious recOrds SF, CA: The Texan experimental pop chanteuse Lily Taylor crafts a supple, liminal album of abstract song matched with twinkingly electronics and rosy dronescaping. These songs are the candy colored variations on much of the narcotized lullabies that Liz Harris and Rachel Evans have been conjuring in recent years. Taylor keeps the wash and the slumbering blur, but arranges her songs with the soft electronic patter of twinkled, simple melodies that could easily be mistaken for something off of Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol II. Her fullbodied voice extends well beyond this bed of electronics, getting looped, layered, and treated through various effects, often becoming a miasma of self-harmonizing repetitions and chorales, all lush and ethereal.

Faultline Studios and UnderCover Presents Highway 61 Revisited, a Bob Dylan tribute, San Francisco, CA

>From a Buick 6  covered by Lily Taylor

Mesa Records presents Brian Mayhall's debut, Wind Chill, Santa Fe, NM

>Lily's song by Brian Mayhall

Pour le Corps Records Compilations, Dallas, TX

>Ride by Lily Taylor

LT+SM single release, Glue with music video by Sean Miller, Denton, TX

>Glue by Lily Taylor

Porto Franco Records presents Karina Denike's Cantilever Bridge and The Lonely Sea, San Francisco, CA

>Cantilever Bridge by Karina Denike featuring Melody Ferris and Lily Taylor

>The Lonely Sea by The Beach Boys, covered by Karina Denike featuring Melody Ferris and Lily Taylor

Decebelle Studios presents Drizzoletto's self titled album, San Francisco, CA

Tracks featuring Lily Taylor:

>Grace of Snow by Drizzoletto

>M Deitric Singing Lili Marleen by Drizzoletto

>Train Whispered by Drizzoletto

>Miss America by Drizzoletto

>Boy Coming Home by Drizzoletto

>Love for You by Drizzoletto

>That's How You'll Know by Drizzoletto

>Liz Closed the Bar by Drizzoletto

>Never Complained by Drizzoletto (2009)


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